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    About Us

    Brief Introduction of Group


    Guangxi Xin-Manganese Group Co.Ltd. was established in 1996 when the company  was known as Guangxi Daxin Xian Xinzhen Manganese-Products Co., Ltd. Transformed into a group company in 2008, It is now a large comprehensive smelting enterprise with integrated the manganese ore businesses of mining, smelting, sales, international trade, logistics and foreign investment. The company is located in Daxin county, Chongzuo city in Guangxi, where there are a quarter of the total national manganese ore reserves. At present, it has over 1800 staff, 4 alloy smelting fact and has 1800 peoples staffs. At present, the company owns four alloy smelting factories with an annual production capacity of manganese alloy amounting 250,000 tons, 6 manganese mines and over  48,000,000 tons of favorable grade manganese ore reserves.
    The company, taking full advantage of its own manganese ore reserves, is a preferred supplier of manganese alloy to the iron and steel industry and is able to to maximize its production and sales of manganese products, including silicon manganese alloy, high carbon ferromanganese and middle or low-carbon ferromanganese. To support this business the company engages in manganese ore exploration, and the importation and exportation of manganese ore and alloys.
    The company's guiding concepts of " integrety,  Quality, Competitiveness, and Harmony ", characterizes our relationship with the domestic ans foreign enterprises, and the Xin-manganese people commit themselves to creating more values for the customers.
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    Contact Telephone86-771-3621266 Fax86-771-3621286
    AddressAddress: No.322, Yang Li Road, Taocheng Town, Daxin County, Guangxi. Postal code: 532300 Postcode530000 Emaillm8635@hotmail.com
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