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    Staff Activities
    The general Party branch of the five banyan village of the new manganese group,
    ʱ䣺2018-08-30 17:15:42  ˣ

      On the afternoon of June 21, the Party Committee of the New Manganese Group went to Wurong Village, Changming Township, to carry out the "branch-to-branch" and "branch-to-branch" activities in Wurong Village, according to the notice of the Organizational Department of the New County Party Committee of the Communist Party of China "Daxin County to carry out the"branch-to-branch and run for a well-off society hand in hand"and the implementation plan of the"joint construction activities". The activity of moving towards a well-off society.

      According to the requirements of the implementation plan, the activity completed 6 fixed actions of "fixed party day +" activities. Subsequently, all the Party members listened to the basic introduction of Wurong Village by Comrade Liao Xing, the First Secretary of Wurong Village, and the recent report on the work to combat poverty. The Party members also jointly learned the spirit of the document of the CPC Changming Township Committee on the implementation of the theme of "Party Flag Yao Frontier Pass" practical activities.


       Subsequently, the participants held democratic discussions on the work of Wurong Village in poverty alleviation, loving post station, cultivation and cultivation of poverty alleviation, and village appearance construction. The Party members spoke actively and put forward various measures in light of the specific situation of villages and villages and the goal of poverty alleviation in the whole county. Comrade Xu Feng answered one by one the questions and difficulties raised by the secretaries of the Tun branch and gave policy guidance.

      Li Chunchang, Secretary of the Party Committee of the New Manganese Group, listened carefully to and reconciled the situation of Wurong Village, especially after the specific problems encountered by Wurong Village in its efforts to fight a hard battle against poverty, made a speech. First, Li brought two good news to Wurong Village.

      1. Yan Shengbin, chairman of the New Manganese Group, has decided to fund 50,000 yuan to support Changming Township for the establishment of Love Post Station, some of which will be arranged in our Wurong Village.

      2. The New Manganese Group is cooperating with the county government to implement the "post poverty alleviation" plan. We will arrange for the employment of the labor force of the poor households in our factory and workshop to achieve the goal of long-term poverty alleviation.

       Secretary Li finally put forward suggestions to the participants. He said: as a Party member, especially the village branch writers, we should study hard and study the Party's policy and theoretical knowledge, so that we can better contact the masses to take the lead in getting rid of poverty and become rich in combination with reality; we should strive to get rid of poverty first, then lead and help the masses out of poverty; we should help the poor through industry. The way to get rid of poverty continues.

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