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    Staff Activities
    New manganese group invites the vice president of the municipal Party school, co
    ʱ䣺2018-08-30 17:12:18  ˣ

     In order to further strengthen the staff team building and enhance the team execution, the group invites the member of Chongzuo propaganda group and the vice-principal of Chongzuo Party School, Nongfei, to do special training on the topic of "Strengthening the team building and enhancing the team execution" of "the socialist non-public economic thought with Chinese characteristics in the new era of Xi Jinping". The force of action.

      Nong Fei, vice president and associate professor of the Party School of Chongzuo municipal Party committee. One of the first batch of 100 teachers in the cadre education and training faculty pool of Guangxi selected by the Organizational Department of Guangxi Provincial Party Committee. He is the chief lecturer of all kinds of cadre training classes in Chongzuo City, and a member of the propaganda delegation of the Municipal Party Committee in a series of major propaganda activities, such as the spirit of the 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th National Congresses of the Party, the education of maintaining the advanced nature of the Party members, the education of the mass line, the spirit of "two schools and one practice" and the spirit of the Fourth Party Congress of I have been invited to the government, enterprises, rural areas and schools for many years. In 2018, it was appraised by the Propaganda Department of the Autonomous Region Party committee as "advanced individuals in theoretical propaganda."

      At 3:00 p.m. on May 4, 2018, the staff of various functional departments of the Group, the responsible persons of the mines, and the Party and enterprises formed a pair of joint construction units, the staff representatives of the Zhenpeng Group, gathered in the multi-functional hall of the headquarters building of the Group to listen to the lecture of Professor Nongfei. The lecture was presided over by Li Chunchang, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group.

      Professor Nong's courses mainly focus on the two core elements of team building and execution.

      Professor Nong said that the team is a combination of more than two objects, and the combination is not necessarily a team, it is through integration, build a group can become a team, full of disputes and internal friction of the team will degenerate into a group, can only be a "mob".

      Professor Nong also clearly pointed out that the team should have a common goal, and direction and performance are the two major support for team building. Therefore, the team must have a clear division of labor, division of responsibilities, open communication, mutual learning, cooperation and complementarity.

      With a team, it is to do things, and to work out results, so team execution is very important.

      Professor Nong pointed out that to have efficient early execution needs the following five ways: 1. Choose good team members: use as their people, twice the result with half the effort; be brave as their deeds, as ten. 2, strengthen training: clear the target process, correct implementation attitude, and improve the related ability. 3, establish a system of rules and regulations: clarify responsibilities, clarify power and interests. 4, coordinate control: coordinate related resources and find problems in time. 5, reward and punishment is clear: pay attention to employee performance, stimulate team potential.

      Professor Nong also shared the focus of building an efficient execution team.

      1, establish common vision. Without a common and clear vision, the team will become blind or myopic in execution, losing direction or pursuing short-term effects. The team has a common vision, like a ship in the dark to see the lighthouse, timely navigation, direction.

      2, leaders set an example. Leaders' speech, mentality, behavior and style are important factors that influence team executive ability. Attention should be paid to the use of their own courage, knowledge, foresight, self-control to motivate and influence the team members to achieve organizational goals.

      3, change bad attitude. Under certain circumstances of team capability, attitude has great influence on the execution. (Selfishness and "never lose money" attitudes; self-esteem and "absolutely elevated" attitudes; arrogance and "never admit mistakes"; complacency and "almost all right" attitudes; self-destruction and "never comply with" attitudes.)

      4, the construction of executive culture. In the various elements of team execution, executive culture has the core dynamic role. The implementation of cultural construction mainly has four aspects: first, music culture; second, obedience to culture; third, competition culture; fourth, Thanksgiving culture.

      5, pay attention to communication and motivation. The function of system and process is dead, and the function of communication and encouragement is alive. Leaders should pay attention to improving the accuracy of team execution through effective communication. Leaders should focus on improving the efficiency and speed of team execution through effective incentives.

      Finally, Secretary Li made a summary of the training: First of all, he highly praised Professor Nongfei for reading a lot of books, rich knowledge, the training courses interspersed with ancient and modern Chinese and foreign cases for our analysis and explanation, so that everyone has resonance. Secondly, all staff are required to comprehend after class, to integrate the teaching content into the actual work, and to work together toward the goals set by the company.

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