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    Staff Activities
    Autonomous Region two new organization Party Work Committee to group company inv
    ʱ䣺2018-08-30 17:07:47  ˣ

     On April 25, Yang Jiyuan, director of the Party Construction Department of the Party and Labour Committee of the two new organizations of the autonomous region, and his party went to the group company to investigate the Party building work. The investigation work mainly centered on "how to strengthen the Party building of the two new organizations under the new situation". Nong Shangwen, Deputy Minister of the Organizational Department of the Chongzuo Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Party and Labor Committee of the two new organizations of Chongzuo City, Qin Zuming, full-time Deputy Secretary of the Party and Labor Committee of the two new organizations of Chongzuo City, Deputy Minister of the Organizational Department of the Daxin County Committee, and Yang Shouqin, Secretary of the Party and Labor Committee of the two new organizations of Daxin County, accompanied the investigation. Li Chunchang, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group Company, Zhang Ailian, Deputy Secretary, and Fan Heyu, an engineer of the Group Company, joined the research team.

       Secretary Li Chunchang led the research team to visit the cultural wall of the group company. Talking about the construction of corporate culture, Secretary Li said: since the establishment of the group company, cultural construction has always been placed in the primary position of enterprise management. Through constant practice and refinement, it has gradually formed a "innovation, enterprising, dedication, gratitude, win-win" style. In recent years, the Party Committee of the Group has shouldered the banner of enterprise culture construction, deeply integrated the work of enterprise culture construction and Party building, based on the "Party flag navigation and cultural people" and the "seven one projects" ("seven one projects") as the breakthrough point ("seven one projects"): holding a good flag, setting a good set of ideas, singing a good song) Songs, running a newspaper, building a forum, building a bookstore, and doing a series of activities.

       The Party Committee of the Group has also established a branch-to-branch theme form through the "Party Flag Navigation, Colorful Branch", forming the distinctive features of each branch, each branch has its own theme and objectives, and its work tasks are clear. Setting a set of concepts is to formulate the core values, purpose, development strategy and vision of the group company, to form its own unique business philosophy, so that employees have a sense of belonging in the corporate culture.

      Secretary Li said: group companies unswervingly adhere to the "two learning and one learning" education. In order to grasp the "two learning and one doing" and promote its normalization and institutionalization, the "two learning and one doing" mode with the characteristics of New Manganese Group is made. Therefore, the group company mainly implemented three three measures, namely, "make good use of the three positions, earnestly learn", "make good use of three forms, innovative learning", "carry out three kinds of service activities, do solid work". Among the three services, the company pays special attention to serving the society. By investing 50 million yuan in the construction of new countryside, the company helps to build the main road, office building, basketball court and square stage, invests more than 15 million yuan in the construction of ten thousand pig farms and invests 7 million yuan in the construction of weaving mills, which not only provides employment posts for the villagers. They also paid dividends and invested about 30000000 yuan in public welfare undertakings. Through poverty alleviation through work, livelihood, learning and industry, the company has realized the joint construction of new countryside by village and enterprise, further promoted the development of social poverty alleviation, and achieved the multi-win results of "the flag of the party fluttering, financial support, enterprises living, farmers rich up".

       If the party building is strong, the enterprises will be strong. Secretary Li said: Party building and enterprises are complementary and mutually reinforcing in nature. In order to do a good job in Party building and promote the overall development of enterprises, the group company fulfills its highlights and characteristics of work, and puts forward three major goals of Party building: the Party committee should focus on the development strategy of enterprises, the building of talent team and the surrounding of the company. We should do a good job of Party building in the construction of enterprise culture. The company must strengthen the manganese industry, develop diversified products and go public at the right time.

       Following the introduction of Secretary Li, Director Yang fully affirmed the Party building work of the Group Company. He said: The Party building work of the New Manganese Group is unique, all aspects of software and hardware construction are in place, and efforts to create a good and strong corporate culture atmosphere are very good for the cohesion of staff, to promote and promote enterprise production and operation. The development has played a very good role and deserves to be the "demonstration point of Party building of the two new organizations in Chongzuo City". I hope you will make further efforts to become the "demonstration point of Party building of the two new organizations in the autonomous region".

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