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    Staff Activities
    New manganese group held an asset restructuring Conference
    ʱ䣺2018-08-30 17:00:21  ˣ

      At 9:00 a.m. on March 9, 2018, Guangxi Xinzhen Manganese Industry Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Group Corporation) held a grand meeting on the first floor of the Group Conference Room. Yan Shengbin, chairman of the group, Yan Zhijun, chairman and general manager of Guangxi Fufeng Mining Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Fufeng Mining), Li Chunchang, Secretary of the Party committee of the group, Huang Yuming, general manager of the group, and other high-level leaders, middle-level cadres and staff representatives of various branches attended the meeting. Li Chunchang, Secretary of the company's Party committee, chaired.

       The conference opened a prelude to the magnificent song of "new manganese man". First of all, Secretary Li Chunchang read the assets reorganization document, the group company and the Fufeng Mining Senior Management Personnel Appointment and Removal document on behalf of the company.

       After the document was read out, two new young "leaders" of Fufeng Mining and Group Corp. made speeches respectively. Yan Zhijun, chairman and general manager of Fufeng Mining, said that as a young "generation two", facing the new situation and new journey, he deeply felt the mission and heavy responsibility on his shoulders. He solemnly promised that in the future, he will lead all the people of Fufeng with the new team of Fufeng Company, with the strategic guidance of "concentrating on manganese industry, opening up cooperation, operational research and listing". He will make bold reforms, be innovative, be aggressive and open a new chapter.

       Huang Yuming, general manager of New Manganese Group, said that he would take "diligence-oriented, pragmatic first, open-minded learning, self-improvement, strict self-discipline, honest and clean employment" as his own work criteria, and offer advice for the company's operation, management, innovation, and lead the new Manganese people forward to contribute to the sustainable development of the Group. Offer.

       Immediately after that, Yan Shengbin, chairman of the group company, made the 2017 work report. The report summarizes and reviews the achievements made by the Group Company in the past 10 years since its establishment, deeply analyzes the unfavorable factors existing in the development of the Group Company, studies and deploys the new strategy for the future development of the Group Company, and calls on all the staff of the Company to unify their thinking, strengthen their confidence, overcome difficulties, pioneer and innovate, and make every effort to realize the second takeoff of the Company in an all-round way. And strive hard.

       The report pointed out: in the past ten years, we have gradually completed the construction of three core projects: first, the echelon of senior executives has achieved initial results. Talents are the first productivity. We have broken the Convention and trained a group of young and promising post-80s executives. They have ideas, skills and dare to do it. After 10 years of training, they have been able to    shoulder the heavy burden of the company. The two is to find new advantages and seize new opportunities. Due to the transformation and upgrading of product structure and the development requirements of national supply-side reform, the company has gradually changed from the original production of primary and intermediate products to the production of high-end products, which has brought new opportunities for our resource advantages. Production and operation: we comply with the requirements of the new development of the market, build 60,000 tons of electrolytic manganese production base and put into operation; complete the protection of prospecting rights of manganese mines, and the early declaration of prospecting rights to mining rights; complete the acquisition of two mining enterprises. In the aspect of scientific research and innovation, through repeated tests, the recycling of electrolytic manganese waste acid has been realized, and the high-end products with higher added value, such as high-quality metal ingots, low-carbon ferromanganese alloys, have been produced steadily, and the automation level of metal manganese production has also been continuously improved. The three is the biggest core project - the diversified development of the company has achieved remarkable results. It has formed a diversified pattern of manganese exploration and mining, manganese alloy production and marketing, real estate, import and export trade, financial services and pension industry. In recent years, the real estate business momentum is good, steady development and progress, has gradually become another pillar industry group. Financial and pension services are still in the initial stage of market development, there is still a long way to go, setbacks may not be a bad thing, in constant questioning and solving the process, the two businesses can really mature.

       The report also highlighted that constrained by unfavorable factors such as domestic and foreign markets, financing and historical conditions, the development of the group company is facing a bottleneck threat, only a new life can be reborn. Just as the so-called "do not plan everything for a while; do not plan the overall situation, do not seek a territory", after the board of directors to assess the situation, carefully based on the study, the group made major adjustments: break the status quo, to achieve strategic reorganization of assets. In December 2017, the group company will be manganese business from the group as a whole stripped to subsidiary Fufeng Mining as the main asset restructuring. After the reorganization, Fufeng Mining will form a "one-core two-wing" structure, that is, a manganese mine as the core, electrolytic manganese plant and 200,000 tons of medium-low carbon ferromanganese project as the wings of the development framework. At the same time, in order to construct a modern enterprise management system, to provide support for the great development of the company, and to meet the requirements of the mixed ownership economic system put forward by the Central Committee, the 18th National Congress and the 19th National Congress of the CPC, Fufeng Mining will actively promote open cooperation, increase capital and expand shares, so as to increase the capital of the company, optimize the ownership structure and improve the stock ownership structure. The company develops and develops capabilities, so that the business scale of the company is compatible with the company's strategic development plan.

       Through asset restructuring, capital increase and stock expansion, Fufeng Mining will become a modern enterprise focusing on manganese industry, clear property rights, equity optimization, standardized management and no historical burden. On this basis, we should make full use of the current support policies of the Securities Association on the green channel of listing in poor counties, and make preparations for listing in order to achieve the transformation from operating products to operating enterprises by means of capital operation mode, industrial layout and supporting strategic landing. Strive to make the enterprise into the first three manganese production capacity of electrolytic manganese metal in three to five years, production equipment and technical level in the country's leading manganese production enterprises.

       With the help of Tiandong Liuda Manganese Mine and Jiangcheng Manganese Mine's resource advantages, Xinzhen Ferroalloy Co. and Tiandong Jinhua Co. have been turned into manganese alloy enterprises with an annual output of 200,000 tons. Tiandong Jinhua Ferroalloy Project has also been strongly supported by the Baise Municipal Government. At present, the site selection of the plant, environmental assessment and other work is proceeding in an orderly manner. Real estate, financial services, pension industry and other fields, will continue to play their respective advantages, restructure the team, strictly control, steadily promote and expand the market.

       At the end of the meeting, Secretary Li Chun-chang gave strong encouragement to the two young general managers, Yan Zhijun and Huang Yuming, who were newly appointed. He said that the general manager of Yan had a strong sense of overall situation, laying stress on management, building a core, stressing politics and seeking development. General manager Huang had a strong sense of management, especially in marketing management strategy. With unique vision and courage, I hope both of them will work hard to realize the dream of win-win between the company and its employees.

       Secretary Li also made an analysis of "why, how and the direction of the reorganization of the group company" mentioned in Yan Shengbin's report on the work of the chairman, and put forward three suggestions to all the participants:

       First, face the future with more confidence.

       Two, we must do our business more sincerely and solidarity.

       Three, we need to work harder to do our job well.

       At 12 a.m., the whole meeting came to a close in a peaceful atmosphere. The meeting was highly praised by the leaders and staff of the group. It not only made the staff clearly understand the future development goals of the company, but also strengthened the confidence of the staff in the company, effectively twisted all the people of the company into a rope, and United for a better tomorrow.


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