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    Staff Activities
    The company organized employees to watch the movie
    ʱ䣺2018-08-30 16:51:45  ˣ

         Recently, the Internet buzzwords of "my country" are being cleaned up. "Great, My Country" is a film produced jointly by CCTV and China Film Co., Ltd. It is the first documentary on the development and achievements of China since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and the great exposition on the entry of socialism with Chinese characteristics into a new era put forward by General Secretary Xi Jinping in the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. On the big screen.

          Last night, a total of 54 members and staff from various units and departments of the group went to the cinema to watch the film.

         The film has a large number of spectacular large-scale aerial photographs, from the dream project, scientific and technological innovation, green China and other perspectives to show China's great power demeanor; the largest radio telescope in human history FAST, the world's largest offshore drilling platform "Blue Whale 2" and Malpen Yong migration of antelope, etc. In addition, the film also records the shocking images of China Bridge, China Road, China Car, China Port, China Net and other super projects, as well as the stories behind them. While demonstrating the national strength, it also reflects the people of the country's courage, hard work, pioneering spirit, to create one after another " The Chinese miracle.

          After the end of the film, every employee was deeply infected, and the mood was so strong that he could not calm down for a long time.

          Ma Yongqiang, chairman of the trade union of the group, said with emotion: It is shocking indeed that in the past ten years, especially in the last five years, people's lives have been developing rapidly regardless of the country's economy, science and technology, and our enterprises have been growing steadily with the care and help of the state, Party committees and the government. Under good circumstances, we should all roll up our sleeves.

         Group Engineer Fan Heyu said: After watching this film, the country is developing in all aspects, and many fields have been in the forefront of the world, we should be proud of our Chinese. We should also base ourselves on our duty, overcome difficulties in our work, contribute to the development of enterprises, and add bricks and mortar to the development of our country.

        Zhao Dengfeng, Secretary of the Party Committee of New Material One Company, said: After watching "Great, My Country", I am more convinced that under the leadership of the Party, our life will be better and better. As a Party secretary, I should fulfil the duties and obligations of Party members, absorb more excellent employees in enterprises to enrich the Party's contingent, tamp the work under the guidance of the Party flag, and devote my meager efforts.

        Zhu Bao, an engineering employee of Huaxing Construction Company, also expressed his feelings: Seeing the rapid development of China Road and China Bridge in the film, I am extremely proud to be a construction engineer, because I am also involved in the construction of these developments. Although I have not participated in such a large project, Daxin Town, Township, Village and Tun Highway have left me behind. Sweat, in the future, I will redouble my efforts to do every quality project well.

        Yes, today's China is on the road of prosperity and prosperity. We should unite closely around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as its core, hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, be enterprising and work hard to realize the Chinese dream of great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the people's orientation for a better life. Go on fighting!

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