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    The building of new socialist countryside
    发布时间:2009-12-11 16:43:22  发布人:佚名

    First, forget the rich love and truth to build a new countryside
    Introduction Sheng-Bin, general manager, who came from the mountain's son, spent adolescence in rural areas, know the taste of poverty and backwardness in rural areas, farmers suffering the bitterness of personal experience, insights weak agricultural infrastructure. In 2006, the "CPC Central Committee and State Council on the positive development of modern agriculture and promoting the socialist new countryside construction of a solid number of opinions" after the introduction, the words have been greatly encouraged by the general manager. He conscientiously study and deeply understand the "opinions" spiritual essence. Feng is the basis of strong agricultural and farmers rich, the country Sheng, the rural social security is stable. "Opinions" pointed out: to mobilize the whole society to care, support and participate in a new socialist countryside construction, all walks of life should be concerned about the support of the new rural construction, in order to contribute to building a new countryside. As a private entrepreneur, business development to the present day, from a small factory the development of township enterprises in Guangxi today, 100 companies, rely on the party's policy of enriching the people, rely on the support of the masses. Be rich in return for the community. Today, the CPC Central Committee, the State Council issued a call for building a new countryside, as a leading enterprise in Daxin County, made a total first practice in his hometown of new socialist countryside construction.
    Price Tuen the past of
    二、Painted their dreams become a blueprint for a new home great transformation Yan
    The face of poverty in his hometown as early as in words the total village cadres, the town cadres, on the dark determined to lead the villagers to develop the economy, poverty alleviation. However, due to the natural environment and historical reasons, this desire did not materialize. When the company CEOs, he however hopes to do something good for the home, to do something really fruitful, so that villagers can enjoy a better life. After the central government put forward a new rural construction, made a total active support of local Party committees and governments at the price of the Tuen Mun pilot work developing new rural construction. He often returned to the village, Tuen village cadres and the masses to promote the building of the Party Central Committee to launch a new significance in rural areas. A total of township building with their business plans, and in farms and villages while the overall progress made from time to time to see the planning and construction of the survey, held public meetings on the construction of village affairs and discussed extensively solicit opinions, collective decision making, themselves in the new rural construction in the face of the homestead uniform distribution, fund-raising run factories, grass and cattle, intensive land management, profit distribution, the people cast their labor and properly, land compensation and other issues. Introduction General also invited the experts and scholars to the village to the field investigation, together with experts to discuss the development of new rural construction of the village development plan. After more than two years of effort, is now beginning to take shape has become a city and county to build a bright spot in a new countryside.
    Pre-construction price of the basic situation of Tuen Mun
    Price Tun Department of Daxin County, Taoyuan Village, one of the town of Po-yin, Ziran Tun, surrounded by mountains. A total of 70 full-Tun homely households, 320 people, land 800 mu, 600 mu of dry land which belongs to arid regions, perennial water shortage. Inconvenient transportation, economic development lags behind, the farmers standard of living is very low, the per capita net income of 1900 yuan. Therefore, the young adults of the labor force work outside the home in the village fields mostly fallow. Resident in the village there are 90 people, including 54 people over the age of 60, the remainder being children or sick persons. Because of the poor village, the villagers of the house had been dilapidated cottage walls, extending in all directions, mostly in dangerous buildings. Many people live above the house is below, the cattle pens and the summer arrives, stench, intolerable, the villagers live in very poor, there are many villagers turned to "the poor are thought to move."
    After the price change in the building of Tuen
    Since 2006, the total active participation made the building of new rural hometown, has invested nearly 2,000 million for construction of infrastructure, houses demolished for redevelopment, and set up factories, farming and so on, this series of measures have already achieved initial success.
    Scientific planning and design, strengthen infrastructure construction
    (1) repair the roads
    As the saying goes: To get rich, first build roads. Po-yin, a total price of the Tuen Mun village, their music and agro-Kang 3 Ziran Tun Tun, 174, 780 population. Inconvenient transportation, vehicle barriers and the production of the villagers living high transport costs, which greatly restricted the village's economic development. In early 2007, made a total investment of more than 1000 million to repair a peach-pass the village price of the Tuen Mun town of Po-yin, its music Tuen, agriculture, health, Tuen connect about 316 provincial highway 8 km, the road width of 8 meters of trunk roads and concrete ring the Tuen Mun Highway , round the village of Po-yin, the number of generations, looking forward to the wide road of dreams. The opening of road to speed up the village's economic development.
    (2) to play well
    Po-yin, the village belong to arid regions, perennial water shortages during the rainy season may alleviate the villagers look at water. The dry season, water dripping from expensive, such as oil, drinking water has become a problem for the village, whose ancestor who do nothing but to other days. After the Central Committee proposed the building of new countryside, made a total first thought was how to help them solve Po-yin, the village drinking water problems, have invited a hydrology expert and professional well drilling team, will invest 25 million to fight price Tun successfully built two water wells, the installation water to various households. Now the villagers to drink again and again clear and clean running water to thoroughly solve the village's drinking water and irrigation difficult issues, said good-bye "and Tianshui" history.
    (3) construction of buildings
    A total of 70 homemade Price Datun Village tenants, because of economic development lags behind, inconvenient transportation carts unreasonable, the villagers are mostly houses the fifties and sixties cottage walls built from local materials. So far more than 80% of the dangerous buildings are dilapidated. Of these, 30 are severely dilapidated, ever-present security risks there are, everywhere, because no funds to build, to frighten the villagers had no choice but to live day to day, among the. Since 2006, made a total proposed building a new countryside in the central of the appeal, anxious for the masses, needs, and to the masses think, as the don who saw this in mind in mind, Zaiqiong not afford to let his hometown elders folks living in dangerous buildings. General took the initiative to contact made by the village committee proposed the idea of houses demolished for redevelopment and planning, this plan received immediate support and villagers, the village committee strongly supported. Plans to build a 60 (Note: There are 10 new houses have been built alone). Currently there are 32 built admitted, there are 16 expected to be completed by the end. An area of 320 m 2 per household, invest 1.5 million, has invested 7.2 million yuan, the budget invested a total of 9 million yuan. Housing funded by the total advances made, after which the project from 6 million tons of new land fees deducted, less than in part by the households in phases refunded without interest. Village funds for construction of public facilities funded entirely by the total words.
    4) Investment in the construction of more than 50 million office building has been completed, Tuen Committee; invested 1.5 million yuan of the price of the Tuen Mun Plaza and 职工宿舍楼 is in the planning, construction; invested 50,000 yuan building a basketball court has been completed.
    Price don new look
    Adjusting the industrial structure, and adhere to the road of economic Village
    (1) new plant, to feed farm workers
    For the development of urban and rural economy, helping the villagers take the path of integration segment of society to achieve poverty alleviation well-off society, Yan, general manager of the Tuen Mun and the price of signing a joint-stock-building factories produce 300,000 bags. 7 million yuan investment, the company invested more than 300 million price of the Tuen Mun to the collective land of 60 acres in the form of shares. Has been built two factories 3,200 meters 2, 400 m 2 factory building, employee dormitory 1600 meters 2,2008 put into production after the Spring Festival, 20000 bags per month, arrangements can be made 250 work posts. Local farmers can not leave their homes into the factory when the workers whose monthly income of 1,000 yuan. Plant put into operation, the company to recover the capital invested in the plant left after the price of Datun Village Committee, as the use of the collective economic development. If there is no profit after the commissioning of the company according to an area of 150 yuan per mu per year of compensation to the village committee. 3 years is expected to recover investment costs.
    (2) The kinds of sugar cane, kinds of trees
    Price Datun Village, in both young people were all overseas workers, leaving behind are frail elderly and children, the village is almost fallow fields. Introduction, general manager of the village committee recommended the establishment of the Internet Society, is to the villagers fallow land unified management, unified planning and farming, this proposal received strong support from the village committee and villagers. Farming is responsible for all costs incurred by the company now will contribute 20 million yuan to buy a mid-sized tractor plowing the land, employing two machine hand, monthly wages 500 yuan / person; employing four village cadres for the Internet community managers, in charge of production matters such as the monthly salary 500 yuan / person. Internet Social existing land 600 mu, 400 mu of planted sugar cane, after harvest (except cost) of the profits retained by the villagers dividends, such as income of less than 150 yuan / mu filled by the company. Another species of eucalyptus, sisal 200 mu.
    (3) grass and cattle
    The implementation of grass and cattle projects, invested 360,000 yuan to build cattle pens 30, 10 acres of grass, the initial support for 20 people to carry out grass cattle.
    (4) pig farm building
    Plans to invest 4 million yuan building the size of 600 pig farms, the land has to carry out site formation, completion, its annual slaughter pigs up to 1500.
    In 2007, the price of Datun Village per capita net income reached 3782 yuan. January 2008 onwards, to the village over the age of 60 living subsidies paid 200 yuan per person / month, plans that in 2009 per 500 yuan / month.
    At present, the new rural construction projects are being implemented include: the village all channels fully hardened, the new price of Tuen activity centers, and cultural promenade, flower beds, green belts, fruit trees park.


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