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    Staff Activities
    The quality of enterprise development is first, new manganese group holds ISO900
    ʱ䣺2018-08-30 17:22:43  ˣ

     On July 25, New Manganese Group Co. held a 3-day "ISO Replacement and Internal Auditor Training of China Quality Certification System" in the group headquarters office building. This training is part of the annual skill training of the group employees, which has been highly valued by the group leaders. The leaders and staff of the company's various units and departments have also given it. Strong support was given. More than 50 people from the headquarters of the group, Fufeng Mining Company, Alloy Branch, New Material One Company and so on took part in the training.

      Li Chunchang, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group Company, attended the opening ceremony, and Zhang Ailian, assistant general manager of the Group Company, presided over the opening ceremony of the training.

      In this training, we invited Zhang Kui, the main lecturer, who is the auditor of China Quality Certification Center (Guangxi Certification Center) national registered quality, environment and logistics services.

      The training is mainly divided into two parts, one is mainly to teach the significance of the reprint, which mainly explains the difference between the new version (2015 edition) and the old version (2008 edition), as well as the origin of the change; the other is mainly for the group company's internal auditors for centralized training, internal auditor training including skills, in practice. Check the assignments, and then complete the examination. Finally, the China Quality Certification Center (Guangxi Branch) issues an internal auditor qualification certificate to the internal auditors who have passed the examination, so as to obtain the qualifications of internal auditors for company quality certification and participate in the internal evaluation.

      On July 27, the training ended smoothly, the students responded well and the effect of the training was fully tested.

      Through this training, the trainees have a deeper understanding of the system standards, clarified the focus of the follow-up system work and the direction of improvement, which is conducive to the smooth transition of the company system certification, in order to improve the company's standard management ability, establish a focus on product quality, assume due social responsibility to provide a guarantee.

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