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    Staff Activities
    New manganese group Party committee held celebration party construction 97th ann
    ʱ䣺2018-08-30 17:19:34  ˣ

     In order to celebrate the 97th anniversary of the Communist Party of China, sum up the work of the Party Committee of the Group in the past year, commend the advanced model, mobilize the broad masses of Party members and staff of the whole company to further study the socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, strengthen the party spirit, enhance the consciousness of Party members, strive for progress, and complete the production work of the company. Strive for goals. On June 29, the Party Committee of the Group held a Congress to celebrate the 97th anniversary of the Party's founding and to summarize and commend the Party. More than 60 Party members and activists from seven branches of the Party Committee attended the congress, presided over by Zhang Ailian, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee.

       The conference opened a prelude to the solemn national anthem. Under the leadership of the leaders, the probationary party members took the oath of joining the party, and all the members attending the meeting reviewed the pledge of joining the party.

       Next, the leading members of the Party Committee awarded honorary certificates and prizes to the commended advanced Party branches and outstanding Communists, and called on all Party members to learn from the advanced, strive for excellence first and make more contributions.

       The representatives of the advanced Party branches and outstanding communist party members commended respectively.

       At the meeting, comrade Li Chunchang, Secretary of the Party committee, summarized and reported the work of Party building in the party from 2017 to 2018. He pointed out that in the past year, the Party Committee of the Group has made certain achievements in the "four-step" strategy of Party building: first, taking the reorganization of the group company as an opportunity, two new Party branches have been set up to gradually improve the work system of Party building, further strengthen the organization construction and consolidate the cornerstone of Party building; second, support and help to build a new countryside at a price. We will support the development of Ecological Breeding in the Wantou pig farm of Baoxian Village, guide the application of poverty alleviation workshops for employment and help Wurong Village of Changming Township to carry out their work, give full play to the advantages of Party building, help to overcome poverty and overcome difficulties. Third, we will cooperate with all departments and departments of the Group to organize quality education training for employees, entertainment and sports, and pay attention to the growth of young employees. Activities to consolidate the building of the contingent of Party members, coruscate the vitality of the contingent of Party members; Fourth, firmly carry out the "fixed party day +" activities, and in-depth promote the normalization of "two studies and one practice". At the same time, Secretary Li also made comments and requests on the shortcomings and problems in his work.

    Secretary Li asked: as a qualified Communist Party member, we should not forget our original intention, remember our mission and take responsibility. We should resolutely safeguard the authority of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core and the centralized and unified leadership at all times, and thoroughly study Xi Jinping's thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era. Set ideals and beliefs, strive to do well in their work and reflect the advanced nature of Communists.

       Finally, under the organization of the host, all members of the Party member participated actively in the knowledge of Party Constitution and Party discipline.

       The Congress was rich in content, which baptized the thoughts of all Party members, further enhanced their feelings for the Party, strengthened their ideals and beliefs, stimulated their enthusiasm for work and inspired their confidence in their careers. We firmly believe that, under the correct leadership of the group company, with the joint efforts of more than 90 Party members and more than 1000 employees, the company's production and operation will certainly take a new step.


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